Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s, a primary school where children find a happy, caring environment and a staff committed to the pursuit of excellence.

We provide a comprehensive education for children aged 4 to 12 years. Using the National Curriculum we cover English, Irish, Mathematics, Physical Education, Information Technology, Religious Education, Art, Drama, Music, Social & Environmental Studies and Social, Personal & Health Education. While we are a Catholic School, we welcome children of all faiths, of no faith. We welcome children of all nationalities, locals and new comers alike.

We provide additional resources for children with special learning needs, as well as extra support for gifted students. Our mathematics programme includes an innovative approach to problem solving which has been the basis of an MA thesis. Our English programme places a high priority on literacy as children need to be skilled readers in order to access the rest of the curriculum. To achieve this we use a differentiated approach to teaching reading which is based on the best, current, international practice  and research.

We in St. Gabriel’s, believe children need a holistic approach to education in order to develop as well-balanced adults. To do this we go beyond the curriculum to areas such as the creation of a virtual learning environment using interactive whiteboards, the pursuit of “Green Flags” for environmental awareness, the annual renewal of our Active Flag, for which we are an exemplar school, the development of links with a local residential home for the elderly, media studies and participation in sporting and musical events to name but a few,

We enrol girls and boys from Infants to Sixth class. With an emphasis on positivity, we lead children to work harmoniously, with respect for each other and we are proud of their exemplary standards of behaviour and strong work ethic.

At St. Gabriel’s, parents play a vital role in the education of their children and consequently we encourage open communication between parents and teachers. If at any time parents, guardians or caregivers are concerned about their child’s academic, emotional or social growth they are encouraged to first contact their child’s teacher and arrange a meeting.

We welcome the opportunity to build links with parents, caregivers and the wider community therefore if you have questions on any of the above or any other issues please feel free to phone or drop by.

L. Dunphy


St. Gabriel’s School